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Rubber anticorrosion lining


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Product Description

This material is based on nitrile rubber (NBR). It is a product designed for the production of rubber products. It is widely used in some rubber products factories. It has high strength, high hardness, heat resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance and acid resistance. Alkali, low compression set, good process performance.


Performance Brand
NB601 NB701 NB801
Normal performance Hardness 60 70 80
Tensile Strength Mpa 17 17 18
Elongation at break % 360 236 328
Heat aging resistance Hardness change +4 +4 +3
Tensile strength change rate % 3.4 2.1 0.8
Rate of change in elongation at break % -18.6 -12.3 -16.5
Resistant to ASTM 1# oil Hardness change +2 +2 +1
Volume change % -5.7 -4.6 -3.9
Resistant to ASTM 3# oil Hardness change -4 -3 -3
Volume change % +6.2 +5.3 +4.5
Compression set % 9 11 12
Brittle temperature ℃ -40 -40 -40
Features and uses Comply with HG/T2579-2008 hydraulic and pneumatic system O-ring



It can be used to manufacture rubber and oil resistant products for petroleum, chemical, automotive and other industries.


Processing Technology

Test piece vulcanization conditions:175℃×5min


Packaging and storage

A 25kg bag, the shape of the material is film, stored in a clean, dry, cool, ventilated warehouse.

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