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Rubber anticorrosion lining


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Anti-corrosion lining

Product Description

Anti-corrosion lining, rubber lining, equipment lining

The anti-corrosion lining is a kind of lining layer with external steel structure as the pipeline skeleton, and the inner lining wear-resisting, anti-corrosion and high-temperature resistance. The physical properties of the rubber itself reduce the effect of the pipeline transportation quality on the external structure. Such as impact force, corrosion, etc., due to the buffering effect of the rubber, the service life of the pipeline is greatly prolonged, and the cost of the user is reduced.


Anti-corrosion lining, rubber lining, equipment lining product characteristics

It mainly utilizes the unique properties of rubber, high elasticity, high air tightness, impact resistance, wear resistance, weather resistance, radiation resistance, chemical resistance and vibration absorption, and has a good combination of rubber and metal. Force, so rubber is very suitable for the lining of chemical equipment, so it is widely used in various pipelines for conveying media, pipes and containers for processing acids, alkalis and salts, reactors, pumps, valves, mixers, etc. Solve the problem of corrosion protection of pipeline equipment.


Anti-corrosion lining, rubber lining, equipment lining product application range

Lining This product is divided into three categories: vulcanization tank vulcanization, room temperature vulcanization pre-vulcanization, sub-hard rubber, soft and hard composite rubber three series, five major rubber types (natural rubber, butyl rubber, neoprene rubber, chlorinated rubber) ), a total of more than 30 varieties, can meet the anti-corrosion needs of different equipment, mainly used in electric power desulfurization, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, food, medical, pharmaceutical, mining, building materials, textile, paper, urban construction and other industries It is an environmentally friendly product that is ideal for high and low temperature resistance.


The principle of the application of rubber-lined pipes

The use of rubber "with soft grams" to solve the main pipeline wear-resistant performance, the rubber wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance of the conveyor line to protect the conveyor line.


Advantages of rubber lining

1. Excellent structure: the reinforcing steel tube and rubber layer of the pipe are composited with high-performance adhesive, which overcomes the shortcomings of steel tube pressure resistance, non-wear resistance, rubber wear resistance and pressure resistance, and steel pipe and wear-resistant rubber. The common advantages are comprehensive and cost-effective.

2, excellent corrosion resistance: in addition to concentrated sulfuric acid, chromic acid and other strong oxidizing acids and aromatic alkanes, almost all media have good corrosion resistance.

3, excellent wear resistance: soft and good softness can not only absorb mechanical vibration, but also absorb the corrosion caused by the friction of materials with strong friction.

4, high strength, high impact resistance: rubber elastomer density bottom, light weight, good vibration absorption performance and excellent mechanical impact resistance, high strength and rigidity, no creep, impact resistance, shock resistance, resistance The water hammer is powerful and easy to transport, install and maintain.

5. Adaptability: The rubber lining can be freely deformed according to any shape before being vulcanized. Therefore, it can be lining construction on complex equipment. The bonding strength between rubber and metal body is high, and the rubbers are combined with each other. After vulcanization, Can be integrated.

6. Wide temperature adaptability: The rubber-lined pipe can be used for a long time in the range of -50 °C---+150 °C, and the rubber-lined layer will not be separated from the steel frame due to temperature changes.

7, anti-aging performance superior service life: under normal pressure, temperature, medium use, the general service life to more than 15 years (theoretical value). The pipe will rotate nearly 90° after 6-8 years, and the service life will be longer; the rubber-lined pipe can be repeatedly rubberized to reduce the cost.

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